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Everything in our Universe is made up of energy, including us.

Reiki works on that principle.

Since 2011 the Creative Spirit Centre has built a well deserved reputation for quality Healing service, particularly Reiki in it's many forms. For many years we ran Reiki classes and Healing Circles and now bring the Reiki energy and other energy healing modalities to you no matter where you live. If you are interested in one on one or distance healing or would like to book an appointment each of the healers pages has links to contact them directly.

Classes and attunements will be on our workshop page when they become available and can be done over distance. 

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Angela is a Usui Reiki master who has been providing Reiki healing via healing circles, one on one and distance, for some years. As an energetic empath she is able to feel blocks and intuit the healing that is needed.
She is also attuned to Angelic Reiki, Violet Flame, Lavender Flame, Kahuna and Hawaiian Trinity Masters as well as Fairies and Elemental Healing systems. 

She is available most days in Mt Druitt or mobile service by appointment. 

To call Angela 0400 512 717

or click to Ange's Fashion and Healing

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Nicky offers sessions on the Crystal Bed, Past Life Regression and  Astrology and Numerology.

She follows her spiritual passions as a founding member of West Sydney Paranormal Research and is available for appointments. You can call her to book or visit her Facebook via the link below.

To call Nicky 0459 360 955

or click to Crystal Bed Room - Healing Light Therapy

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Val has been both working with crystals for her business Handmade Jewellery by Val and studying Reiki for many years. She now combines the two to offer both healings and attunements from her space in Hebersham or via distance. Val offers :

Usui and Angelic Reiki, Crystal Reiki, Lavender Flame, Quantum and Angelic Healing modalities and Violet Flame Reiki healing.

Val is happy to do one on one attunements as well as hosting workshops and classes.

To call Val 0435 826 443

or click to Reiki and Crystal Healings by Val


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Kerrie is an experienced Usui and Seichim Reiki Master who has been providing healing for many years face to face, via healing circles and distance.
She is also attuned to Angelic Reiki and is a Kahuna Hawaiian Trinity Master and has been teaching and attuning Reiki for some time. 

Kerrie has also studied Louise Hay's Heal Your lIfe and applies those principlas to her sessions.

She is available for one on one healing or readings in Doonside or Mt Druitt by appointment.

To call Kerrie 0413 291 999



Marie is an experienced Healer and Psychic Intuitive able to scan your energy field and work with your Akashic records for indepth healing on a soul level.She offers group and one on one as well as online sessions in Theta & EFT healing, Energy Healing and Crystal Dreaming and teaches Theta healing. She conducts workshops in Family Constellations Therapy and has a extensive background in counselling and Psychotherapy working for many years in the fields of Mental Illness, social welfare and conducts professional training.

Contact Marie for healing on a deeply profound spiritual basis, mentoring and guidance on Ascension, awakening and Starseed consultations and support circles.

To call Marie 0433 896 338

or click to Marie Antoinette Soul Healing