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Handmade & Crsytals Creations by Val

Handmade Creations by Val came into fruition through Val's love of creativity especially when it came to handmade jewellery. She took that passion to another level when she began lapidary classes and started working with sterling silver and gemstones. At the time she had a shop in the CSC and also began walking a more spiritual path, exploring things like Reiki and the uses for crystals.

Val sells mostly handmade items, sterling silver and gemstone/crystal jewellery and can make to order or do repairs.

She has a large range of crystals both rough and shapes and even tumbles, shapes and polishes some crystals herself. She often has Australian sourced crystals and is even known to fossick herself.

This creative lady is available online or by appointment at her home shop in Hebersham. She also attends markets all over Sydney.

She  sells crocheted pieces and can make items to order.

Val really is the epitomy of breaking age stereotypes in business.

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Sterling Silver Jewellery
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Val Aylott

Owner, founder and crafts person at 
Handmde Jewellery by Val.

Hi, my name is Val and I am a great grandmother whose lifetime passion for creativity 

has brought me to the Creative Spirit centre where I had my own shop and taught classes

and I now have an online shop via the links below or you can visit my at home shop by appointment
I would love to help you find the right piece for you or I can make something to order or repair your favourite jewellery.


I also teach classes in craft and healing and hope to take my creations to the world through the Creative Spirit Online and events. 

2019 will see me launch Crystal Healing classes, so please contact me for a chat via the links below.

Handmade by Val Contact Information
Phone CSC: (02) 9625 7257
Mob: 0435 826 443
Email: vfaylott@hotmail.com
Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/HandmadeJewellerybyval/

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