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Marie Antoinette


I am Marie and I have been working with people in many ways for many years. My passion in helping those who struggle to understand why and how to overcome it, was borne from my own experiences in life and I combine this with training and time spent helping others to offer it to you.I welcome you to visit me via my links below or follow my Facebook where I offer a free live feed "Mental Health Monday" and many and varied tools to help you navigate your journey through this life whilst understanding your connection to your inner self, you soul, your mind and your connections to the hidden realms. 

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Marie uses her many skills as well as psychic abilities to offer a wide array of services and products via the shop section on her website. She uses a background in counselling, healing and the gift of being able to scan, channel and access the Akashic Records and her many years experience in professional and spiritual circles to produce her fabulous book Same Same but Different which is also available to purchase. If you are interested in retreats, she offers Women's and Spiritual retreats as well as channelling evenings, programs and online mentorship. Her website also has a blog detailing her unique and amazing journey through life and spirit and the Galactic realms, which she shares with you. She has worked for many years as a Psychic Medium, offering spiritual guidance, one on one and group work, teaching and speaking with a passion for assisting those affected by things like mental health, youth and addiction issues and anyone just generally needing to find out how to access their true purpose.

Her gifted and compassionate approach is now available to everyone by visiting her website (links below).

Marie is also qualified in :

Grad Dip. Gestalt Psychotherapy
Certificate in Family and Systematic Constellations
Certificate in Advanced Theta healing DNA 
Certificate in Intuitive Anatomy – Theta Healing
Certificate in EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique)
Certified Advanced Crystal Dreaming Practitioner
Certificate In Energy Healing

She is also available for public speaking and professional workshops and classes, group work to help your workplace understand deeper human connections.

As an accomplished comedian, she is able to work with those who wish to tap into their own comedic talents to enhance public presentation or just their life.


Healer, Author, Founder

Website: marieantoinette.co
Mob: 0433896338
Facebook: facebook.com/manifest8ion

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