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Angela is available for phone readings or one on one in Minchinbury by appointment.
She is a psychic intuitive and uses cards as well as  an ability to work with your energy to give you clarity. Angela also often gets some mediumship in her readings.

She is also a Reiki Master.

To book a reading with Angela you can call her or visit her Facebook page via the link below.

Psychic Intuitive Medium

Face to Face or Phone

Based in Minchinbury, Western Sydney NSW

To call Angela 0400 512 717

or click for Anges's Fashion and Healing

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Kerrie offers spiritual guidance applying her life experience and using cards to help you find healing in your life.
She is also a Reiki Master Teacher, so your reading will combine with healing. She is available in Doonside and Mt Druitt.

To book a reading with Kerrie you can call her on the number below.

Psychic Healing Guidance

Face to Face

Based in Doonside

To call Kerrie 0413 291 999



Rochelle is a Psychic Medium and Channel who specialises in contacting your Spirit Guides, Spirit Guide drawings and soul codes.
She also teaches how to draw your own guides and makes her signature Spirit Tokens.
She is available by appointment in Greystanes, phone and skype.

To book a reading with Rochelle you can call her or visit her Facebook page via the link below.

Psychic Intuitive Medium

Face to Face and Phone or Online

Based in Greystanes

Rochelle is currently on leave until

14th June 2019

To call Rochelle 0410 118 129

or click for Spirit Tokens

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Tracy is a psychic intuitive who gives down to earth advice through psychic insights and can help you find answers to assist your journey through life.
She is available for one on one in Erskine Park by appointment and by phone or skype.

To book a reading with Tracy you can call her or visit her Facebook page via the link below.

Psychic Intuitive

Face to Face or Online

Based in Erskine Park

To call Tracy 0490 954 502

or click to Tracy EarthDragon


Psychic Parties and Other Services

To book a reading with any of the Psychics simply call their number listed for either one one one or parties. Bookings can also be made via the CSC.

Psychic High Tea will be available in the latter part of 2019 onwards.

Costs of readings are individually set by each psychic.

To follow our free live readings follow us on Facebook and subscribe to our live feeds.

To book a Psychic Party 

you can either arrange it with your chosen psychic or call the CSC

To call us (02) 96 257 257



Joanne comes from a long line of Gypsy and Pagan traditions and combines this with her natural gift to give insightful and down to earth readings.

As a practising generational Witch, she combines age old traditions, customs and using the ways of the Ancients to not only give you information but also tools to assist.

She also sells everything "witchy" through her page Joanne_e and is available to come to you or provide readings with her party plan business.

To book a reading with Jo you can call her or visit her Facebook page via the links below

Psychic Intuitive

Face to Face 

Mobile service - she comes to you

To text Joanne 0478 660 956
or click to Joanne_e