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Crystals are available through 

HANDMADE CREATIONS BY VAL all crystals, tumbles, wands, shaped and rough, jewellery. Val often hand polishes and tumbles her own rough specimens - contact Val via her page or 0435 826 443

Ange's Fashion and Healing - large range of various crystals, tumbles, crystal trees, organites and shapes. Ange also stock crystal jewellery and can order in. Contact Ange 0400 512 717


Pin Up Fashion

Exclusive and quality fashion in all sizes.

Nastasha Marie Clothing - Vintage, retro and gothically inspired clothing and accessories. Classic, kitsch, elegant, formal.



Casual Fashion

Ange's Fashion -Kaftans, ponchos, harem pants, bags and accessories, make up, jewellery, scarves, sunglasses and more.


Natasha Marie Clothing - swimsuits, t-shirts and accessories.

Joanne-e - Hippy & tie dye items. Party plan lingerie. Dreadlock accessories.

angela kkkk.jpg

Jewellery & Accessories

Handmade Jewellery by Val - crystal and gemstone, sterling silver, costume jewellery, made to order, jewellery repairs and cleaning., classes and groups. 

Ange's Fashion - costume and crystal jewellery, brooches, keyrings

Natasha Marie Clothing - vintage inspired jewellery, sunglasses, accessories.

chip bracelets.jpg

Buddhas Angels and Figurines

La Vida Lunar - Buddhas, Angels, Fairies and figurines. Can also order items in.

Large items pick up Mt Druitt.

pink buddha.jpg

Salt Lamps *Sprays * Essences

La Vida Lunar - Salt lamps, Himalayan salt, globes and accessories. Selenite lamps. Aura spray and other sprays and essences. 

aura salt lamp.jpg

Smudge sticks are available through

La Vida Lunar - also feathers and shells 

Joanne-e - also resins and accessories

Witchy Wild Magick 


FEATHERS and SHELLS at Handmade Creations with Val

SMUDGE sticks at Ange's Fashion and Healing

INCENSE at La Vida Lunar

feathers sage.jpg

La Vida Lunar - Herbal teas

Health * Essential Oils * Herbal Tea

La Vida Lunar - herbal teas 

Joanne-e - loose herbs


Joanne-e - cauldrons, spells and potions, candles, brooms, resins, house clearing, salts, books, snake oil, huge range of herbs, boxes, kits, goblets, bells, charms, cloths, handcrafted witchy and kitsch items.

Wild Witchy Magick - spells and potions, house clearing, salts 

All Things Witchy

Joanne-e - spells, salts and potions, resins, herbs, cauldrons, goblets, brooms, mats and tablecloths, charms and amulets, kits and books, snake oil, bells, jewellery, dolls, symbolic items, ritual candles, lanterns and hangings, house clearings.

joanne e.jpg

Pendulums - Joanne-e & La Vida Lunar 

Runes - Joanne-e and Rosie's crystal Creations

Tarot & Oracle Cards - La Vida Lunar

Scrying Mats and Accessories - Joanne-e

Divination Tools

PENDULUMS at Ange's Fashion and Healing


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Home & Giftware

Handmade by Val - miniatures and crocheted items.

Ange's Fashion - cushions, gifts, knick knacks & gift bags, dreamcatchers, religious jewellery and items

La Vida Lunar - wall art, large garden statues

homewares cup.jpg

This is a great place to tell people more about your business, and the services you offer. Want to make this content your own? It's easy.

Incense *Candles *Oils * Burners

La Vida Lunar - incense & accessories, fragrance oils, perfume oils, soy melts, candle filling service..

Joanne-e - incense, ritual oils, ritual and special event personalised candles